Basic Testing Training

About This is a two-day course that focuses on the basic knowledge and skills required in order to become a good software tester or to refresh what you already know and put it in a different perspective. The course is extremely useful for testers at the beginning of their career but also for testers that worked for a long period of time in the same context or using the same approach
Why attend Understand what is the mission of software testing. Learn how to manage expectations from your team members and stakeholders. How to address web testing. Adapt your testing based on your context.
Topics covered Testability, What is testing, What do testers do, Tasks and activities as a tester, Black Box Testing Techniques, Review Requirements, Bugs, What should a tester know, Measures and reporting, Introduction to Quality Assurance, Heuristics and Mnemonics in Software Testing, How to talk about Software Testing to…
Is this training for you? Go to testing challenges and if you cannot solve the 1st challenge in 25 minutes then you need this training.

Testing Approaches Training

About Knowing testing techniques is not enough. During this 1 day course you will learn what approach to take in order to be effective in your testing.
Why attend You will be able to identify what approach will produce the best results within any context that you test.
Topics covered Test ideas Risk Based Testing, Scripted Testing, Agile Testing, Manual Testing, Context Driven Testing, Exploratory Testing, Session Based Test Management, Regression Testing, Test Automation, Acceptance Testing, Ad Hoc Testing, End to end Testing, Pair and Crowd Testing, Testing Strategy and Tactics

Working within a team

(of testers)

About Tester never produce value alone. You work within a product, scrum, company or project team. This is training aims in highlighting what it means to work within a team and what is required to create a team (of testers).
Why attend You will get a better understanding about the difference between a group and a team and be able to apply methods and practices to improve your team. How to contribute within a team. Manage difficult situations
Topics covered Team Effectiveness Models, Growth Mindset, Goals and Objectives, Interviewing, Onboarding, Competency and Expectations
A part of the training is based on

Coaching & Mentoring

About Within this approach we don't do training days.
Together with the team we decide a topic for each week that we follow through and examen all of its details.
How it works? After we have selected a topic we have a 2 hour session about it. During the week I will have a 1 to 1 meeting with every testers and make sure they have a proper understanding of the topic and how to tailor it on their day to day work.
Topics covered Topics are decided with the team.
by Claudiu Draghia